You know the old adage, be nice to the people on the way up, you may meet them on the way down?  Well, I wish more companies would apply this to their recruitment process.  Sadly, I see too many otherwise reputable businesses follow a lazy, sloppy recruitment process on the day which leaves good candidates feeling undervalued and underappreciated.  “We got the candidate we wanted, why worry about the others?” seems to be the general feeling and it makes my blood boil!

It’s so short-sighted, unnecessary and bad for business too. We are all human beings and when another professional has bothered to invest their time and energy in your firm, the least you should do is acknowledge that courteously.  Instead the number of candidates over the years who have told me: “I don’t think they even read my CV,” “They were 30 minutes late,” “I never got any feedback,” is shameful. Good candidates leave the experience feeling bad about themselves and your company. You never forget when you’ve been treated carelessly. And we all know business is about relationships so why are we completely forgetting them at the recruitment stage?  It’s not cool, guys. Let’s investigate the future a bit too. What happens when you have another recruitment requirement and additional budget and you need someone else, but you’ve already given a great candidate a bad impression and they have told a few other great candidates about their experience with you? What happens when the under-valued candidate goes into business and ends up a potential supplier or partner of yours?  What happens when they soar, and they end up on an interview panel and YOU are the one looking for a job?

A little cultivation of candidates goes a long way. We are not asking for the earth but just put time in to do the basics well – do your research, pay attention, look interested and take time to give feedback. Treat all interviewees as humans; and as the educated, passionate and enthusiastic people they are.

The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For 2019 came out recently and it is full of firms of all sizes and types where the staff feel they are treated well and are loyal, happy and even proud to be associated with the business.  Make sure all candidates who come via you even if only briefly, leave with only a positive, professional experience.  Good news travels fast!

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