Managing Director, Keshia Stewart, is also Next Generation Programme Manager for Shaping Portsmouth. Being Portsmouth born and bred she is incredibly passionate about the city where she grew up, studied and started her business. Taking on the role was an easy decision for Keshia. Having mentored young people, given motivational talks and volunteered at various events, the role is a way for her to have as much impact as possible, across the city, for the Next Generation.

Keshia works closely with the Shaping Portsmouth team and Business Leaders to promote and create programmes designed to inspire, encourage and help the Next generation.

For the Annual Conference this year the theme was Inspire the Next Generation. Keshia was asked by the team to host the event and run two Q & A sessions. Despite being incredibly nervous, as this was a task very new to her, she did it! The event was a massive success and city leaders were called to action in helping in any way they can to volunteer, donate or make suggestions on inspiring the Next Generation.

Keshia says ‘Hosting an event, on stage, in front of 300 people was by far one of the scariest but one of the most exciting things I have ever done. A huge thank you to the Shaping Portsmouth team who got me through the event with their incredible support. Inspiring the next generation is a subject very dear to my heart. If I convinced even one person on that day to join us in our journey, it was worthwhile.’

For more information about how you can get involved with Inspiring the Next Generation through Shaping Portsmouth please visit or email Keshia at

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