Why did I choose to do this?

I have an innate desire to be my own boss. This has been deep rooted within me for many, many years. I explained to my previous employer, whilst handing in my resignation, that it wouldn’t matter who was sat in front of me, what they were offering and what my current salary/package was – I just have to give it a go! I agonised over the decision for weeks, months in fact! I weighed up the pros and cons endlessly, tirelessly – on my own, with my husband, with my big brother and of course (most importantly) with the girls over a bottle or two of wine. I conjured up fictitious cons whilst the pros became greater and greater, as if to talk myself out of a risky decision. Is it risky? Is it any riskier than changing jobs from one employer to the other? I would say, after all of this kafuffle, that it is no riskier, as long as you are tenacious, ambitious and determined that there is no option other than to succeed. The only thing that will make your start-up fail (especially within recruitment), is if you do not pick up the phone, you cease writing emails and of course if you fail to connect on a human to human level with the world outside of your office walls.

I have worked in both the Work Based Learning and Technology fields, recruiting professionals across the UK and Internationally. This, coupled with my passions for mentoring and the future generations, has led me to create TeachTech Solutions Limited. We are passionate about engaging with and building relationships amongst the teaching and technology fields with the aim of bringing these two worlds together for the future enhancement of technical education. I am looking to better utilise my time and understand the challenges employers are facing every day. How are we engaging young people to become further interested in Technology? Do you have an opinion – perhaps as an Assessor of IT or Lecturer of Networking & Security?

I chose to do this for me and my future but also because I genuinely want to help the educators who are working extremely hard, every day, to make a difference to the Technology skills gap. Together we can help to teach the minds of tomorrow.
If you are looking for your next Teaching / Assessing / Lecturing role do email info@teachtechsolutions.co.uk and we will be delighted to have a virtual cup of tea and a chat.


(‘Oh my Goodness’ – coined by my 3-year-old – I am sure that if he could comprehend what Mummy has done this is just the saying he would use!)

Referral fees paid

If you know someone looking for a new role, put them in touch with us – info@teachtechsolutions.co.uk. Feel free to email or call to discuss full referral fee details – 02393 108707


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