No matter the enterprise you are building or what industry you’re in, developments in technology are likely to affect your business at some point or another. Technology continues to advance at a staggering rate, therefore, keeping your finger on the pulse of the technological world is often proving to be a big challenge.

I have often found, within the recruitment world, that we are not talking often enough about IT in its entirety. Having been a Recruitment Consultant within the IT field I have often been faced with those challenging, hard to fill roles; Enterprise Architects who have been working in a permanent role for 3 years minimum, NO contractors! SC clearable JAVA developers with at least 3 years’ experience, BUT the salary won’t be more than £30k!

Often we find that employers and recruiters alike will trudge through hundreds of CVs, working against a clock of competition – agencies against agencies and employers against employers. It is becoming increasingly difficult to secure good talent (if you find it) and the candidate pool is shrinking. But, (yes but) – what are we, as employers and recruiters doing to make a difference? How are we helping the candidate pool grow and develop? How long will we moan and have meetings about meetings before attempting to do something pro-active?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a real thing. It is something all organisations, despite sector, or size, should take very seriously. Okay, so we are all busy doing a great job and building a business, running a business, or hey, just moaning about a business. But couldn’t we better use our time to attempt to make a difference in influencing the next generation?

How often do you sit and talk, heck how many meetings do you have about meetings discussing the skills shortage, bemused at the prospect of having a role advertised but no one to attend on the interview date you had so kindly set aside.

Have you heard of Dream IT, STEM Ambassadors, Teen Tech, Tech Ambassadors – no? That means you are massively lacking in doing anything to help resolve the issue. What could you be doing? You could be mentoring a young person. You could take one hour out a quarter to attend a networking event or a STEM committee meeting.

The most recent movement I have joined, on a voluntary basis, is Dream IT a program by CompTIA’s Advancing Women in Technology Community — which has reached more than 10,000 people with the message that technology is a great place for women and girls. Even if you or a member of your staff were to leave the office for an afternoon, once every six months, and inform young people about the exciting prospects of working in Information Technology, it would help, honest!

Perhaps you could go as far as hiring an IT Apprentice or, if you’re a large corporation, appoint an individual dedicated to representing your business within the community; HP are a great example of achieving this. There is so much that you can get involved in. I’m not here to point fingers, for all I know every person reading this is making a conscious contribution to the United Kingdom’s future generation of Information Technology enthusiasts – my point is – if you’re reading this and you are not – ACT – do something, what the hell; you might just enjoy it!

If you’re stuck for ideas or need pointing in the right direction, simply email or visit  and we would be happy to help you, help others.

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